Privacy Policy

Basic concepts :

Personal data: the Grantor natural person as those affected may be connected to the Website voluntarily provided personal information: name, email address and phone number, as well as deductible from the data, conclusions concerning him.

Affected: identified or against any specific personal information - identifiable natural person - directly or indirectly.

Donor: individual donation by credit card on the Site services are intended financial support.

Donated: registered non-governmental organizations and non-profit business association on the Site, which makes use of the Site's services and use of the Site is authorized service provider.

Data Management: a person or organization who / which defines the purpose of managing the data, makes decisions on data management (including instruments used) and executed, or a contracted data processor to implement - these Rules in scope (subject to the consent of the affected) a broad smile Foundation as a Service.

Data processing: technical tasks related to data processing operations (methods or devices, and the application used to perform the operation irrespective of the place).

Data management: Regardless of the method used performed on data of any operations, particularly in the collection, recording, organization, storage, alteration, use, polling, transmission, disclosure, coordination, combination, blocking, erasure or destruction, and the data is the data more preventing their use.

Transmission: Making of a specific third party data accessible.

Website: hosted by the Service's website at available.

Competent authority: the National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information ( NAIH ).

Provider: Wide Smile Foundation ( - Managed, relationship between donors and the donated services as shown.

Relevant laws: Act CXII of 2011 on the right of informational self-determination and freedom of information. Act (Infotv.); CVIII 2001 on certain aspects of electronic commerce services and information society services. Law (E-ker TV.)



The legal basis of data management, the purpose and duration


The scope of the Privacy Policy covers the Data Manager - including all employees involved in data management - and all the information that is gathered and managed during the activity.

The donor Personal data provided through the web site with regard to data processing, data management and data transmission according to the Website of web content will be based on voluntary and based on informed consent statement provided in these Regulations donors. The Service data for 2011 CXII the Grantor on the right of informational self-determination and freedom of information. TV. Pursuant to § 5 (1) a) of the voluntary consent on certain issues concerned and electronic commerce services and information society services in 2001 CVIII. processed according to the rules of law, to manage and distribute.


The purpose of processing

  • to ensure proper operation run by the Service Provider Website and bear this in mind control and thanking system message sending (whether related to bank card within the scope provided by the Six Payment Services and responsibilities) in the event of errors in the turmoil as soon as possible to avert the promotion and bear this in mind direct contact with the Grantor;
  • implemented on the website to facilitate donations.


Following the voluntary consent of the Grantor handling of your personal information is maintained as long as the donors can not express in writing their request termination of treatment. 7 days from the cancellation date of the receipt of the Grantor erasure needs.

In the Website through donations, technical data to be recorded from the registration date will be automatically reasonable period of time to ensure the functioning of the system is stored in the system. The Service will ensure that the user is automatically recorded data and other personal data can not be connected together.



The data management

The Service Provider records the Donor Personal Information, stored, and used to ensure the proper functioning of the Website or for the purpose of management of the non-governmental organizations, fundraising and 350/2011 on certain aspects of charitable status. The provisions of Regulation (XII. 30.). Also with regard to appropriate support to facilitate informed the Grantor. In this connection, the Service Provider may inform donors to support and realization of related content on the specific initiatives and supported by the Grantor for gathering similar initiatives.

The Service Provider in case the express consent of the Grantor Grantee transmits the data with a view to the important facts surrounding Donated to give a donation directly informed.

The Service dispensation donor newsletter informs other options in case the express consent of the Grantor.

If the Grantor signing up for a newsletter, services, or similar tájokozatási possibility of the Service as often as its own decision to send a newsletter to the Grantee. Use of data for this purpose at any time, prohibit the Grantor, the newsletter unsubscribe.

The Data Controller of the personal information you provide for purposes other than those specified in the present Rules can not be used. The Data Personal Data to third parties or authorities - except for different provisions of the law - may be issued only with the prior consent of the donated.

The data given on the Site Controller handles due diligence, and will ensure that the treated data are not accessible to unauthorized persons, not made public, should not be transmitted to, and they may not modify, erase. Any damage caused by the technically unavoidable, unforeseeable attacks Provider is not liable.

Website understanding of the information given to the following persons are entitled to inspect:


  • all staff of the Service during the work involved in data management,
  • Donated to.



With responsibility for the data

The Grantor declares that it has entered data is correct. The Service does not verify personal information you provide. The Grantor shall be responsible for compliance of Personal Data.


The Donor (affecting) the rights, remedies


The Grantor may at any time check the Supplier of personal data and may request amendments if necessary.

Donor management of personal information from the service provider, such as controller at any time sent an e-mail request for information in writing, the Service contact [at]. Queries sent to an e-mail to the Data Manager will be regarded as authentic if it comes on the Website registered e-mail address. Requests for information may be requested concerning: the donor managed by the Service's data, their source, purpose of the data processing, legal basis, duration, name and address of any further data processing and data controllers (Donated)